We offer a full inventory service on furnished and unfurnished properties.

Check-in/check-out PDFs are emailed to clients within 48 hours. Inventory PDFs are emailed within 3 working days.

All documents are available as PDF files and include photos as standard.

We are fully versed in the requirements of the TDS and that is why we will ensure that documents are compiled as swiftly as possible and in the above timescales in order for agents and landlords to proceed with any dilapidation schedules and deposit returns.
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Clarke Inventories is a residential inventory company based in London. We specialise in offering efficient, timesaving and a concise service to estate agents, landlords and individuals. We operate within zones 1-4 in London and can accommodate bookings between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday. Professional, efficient and effective service. You can access examples of our Inventories and reports schedules on line: Inventories. Check-in. Check-Out